About Us

Now open the door and prepare to enter a new reality.  Run your fingers across the worn bricks and uncover the dark secrets that live within the walls of this century-old building.

Each of the rooms represents a series of events that had once occurred inside the century-old building.  This building is rich in history.  Many who enter the building and live through the twisted history of these rooms may never truly escape this alternate reality.  Many end up being part of this building’s buried secrets.

You and your team members are given 45 minutes to find your way out.  These rooms are specifically designed to provide a highly intensive experience both physically and mentally.  Each team member will need to heavily rely on each other in order to have the highest chance of escaping.  

Together with Toronto’s best architects, interior designers, programmers, and engineers, we collaborated to blueprint, design and implement a new standard for real-life escape rooms.   We are proud to bring this new experience to the heart of downtown Toronto!